Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster

Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster is a cementitious based product with several highly reactive and pozzolanes a ultra high stength perfomance fibre that when replacing specified of cement in a mix design,increases compression and plexural stengths. Percentage resistance,decreases permeability increases durability and cuts overall cost .

can be added to all types of mix designs from low stength clock. precast elements high-riseslip form, ready-mix to bridge sections, is an ultra-high strength replacement speceally formulated pozzolsns organic compouds and high perfomance fibres. In replaces percentages of cement to increase the properties of the mix design Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster is designed to create reactivation sites and fill the microscopic voids slowing down concrete creep allowing longer life spans of the finished concrete product.

provides superior pozzolanic pertormance thet contributes to the improved stenght ,durability, chemical resistance. ASR mitigation, water absorption efflorescence control,and aesthetics for quality concrete and cement based matetrials.

Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster will also enhance the concrete rheology, providing a smoother, creamier mix that the handling and finishing cheracteristics of the concrete.


  • Cures without settlemant, segregation shrinkage, or formation of voids
  • Reduced permeability
  • Improved Aesthetics, Color and Appearance
  • Can be pumped, trowel or poured
  • Prepakaged


Where to Use Application

  • Salt water or deicing applications
  • Parking decks
  • Concrete Balconis
  • Equipement Bases
  • Hydro power plants
  • High stength concrete products
  • Bridge components
  • Columns
  • Vertical walls, retaining walls and precast
  • Concrete watercourses
  • Precast elements


  • Easy to dispense to mixer
  • Easy to add and assures uniform performance with dependable quality
  • Ensures optimal high performance in cured condition, providing utmost strength and continuing protection against corrosion
  • High performance supplemental material verified by our field tests and independent lab results