Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster

Bahubali Ready Mix Plaster. is a cementitious based product with several highly reactive and pozzolanes a ultra high stength perfomance fibre that when replacing specified of cement in a mix design,increases compression and plexural stengths. Percentage resistance,decreases permeability increases durability and cuts overall cost .

can be added to all types of mix designs from low stength clock. precast elements high-riseslip form, ready-mix to bridge sections, is an ultra-high strength replacement speceally formulated pozzolsns organic compouds and high perfomance fibres.

Super Hybrid 70% of All Inhabitants in a Concrete Let's Make Them Last

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Our ready mix plaster in best alternative against traditional On site mixing and Procurement procedure for plastering, Our ready mix plaster is manufactured with well graded sand along with best quality cement and polymer based additives.

Superior Quality Plaster Without Sand or Cement

Long lasting • Superior Finish